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Domesticus Set

Domesticus set - for use in private saunas


  • The perfect LED-lighting System fo the backrest in a privat Sauna.
  • Easy construction because of the interchangeproof plugs
  • Because of the comprehensive equipment it is possible to get different
    lighting variant in warm white or color up to a Maximum length of 11.000 mm.
  • To control the color system, it is possible to use a remote control or
    you can get our free App available on the Android and iOS App-Stores.
  • All components, except for the remote control and power supply, are „Made in Germany“ and have the highest quality standards.
  • Because of the colorless electronic coating, the LED is protected against humidity and oxidizing.
  • Of course it is also possible to get the sets customized for the individual customer.
  • IP20

  • How to find the correct article number:
  • Example
  • 02.02.DOM.WW.02.LL.BT
  • 02.01.DOM. = internal stock number - always required

  • (I) available in RGB or WW
  • (II) amount of LED-Strips
    • 2-12 strips possible
  • (III) Type of chaining
    • LL means the LED strips will be chained together, there is no cabling between the stripes
    • VK means that there are cables included in the sets, with a standard length of 500mm,
      to put them between the LED-stripes.
  • (IV) control mechanism
    • FF = with remote control
    • BT = with Bluetooth
  • Available on theApp Store
  • Android app on Google TM play
Our products are strictly according to ESD guidelines and are processed and delivered ready for connection.
Removing the plug will void warranty!