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RGBW spotlight


Recessed lamp - RGBW spotlight


  • recessed lamp with RGBW- Multipowerd LED 700mA/ 4x2W
  • mounting depth = 38 mm
  • outer diameter = 60 mm
  • with fast thread for installation pot 05.05.71,05.05.72, 05.05.73,05.05.71,05.05.74 and 05.05.75
  • Cable supply about 100 mm with 5-pole JWPF-plug
  • If you are using more than one spot, it is mandatory that the spots are connected in series.
  • The last spot must have an end piece attached.
  • Before you plug the power supply into the 230V system you have to finish connecting the whole system together.
  • If you dismount the system you have to take the system off the power supply first.
  • Incl. small bag with Silicone grease
  • IP 65
Our products are strictly according to ESD guidelines and are processed and delivered ready for connection.
Removing the plug will void warranty!
These spots are included in the Calypso sets.

Equipment compatible with this product